Our Role in Food Waste 

Food waste has had a substantial environmental impact with 8% - 10% of global greenhouse gas emissions being associated with unconsumed food, and the food industry itself accounting for around 30% of the world’s total energy use (1)

However, is there more that we could do individually?

Rather than just waiting around on laws to be passed for us to then take action (when it could then be too late), let's Take Action Now!

The big issue of food waste

Food wastage has major consequences not only because wasted food could go to feeding hungry families

But also because it’s a major contributor to the climate crises that we’re currently experiencing.

To put this in scale, if food wastage was in itself a country, it would be the third largest contributor to greenhouse gases in the world (2).

In fact, the UK produced 9.5 million tons of food waste, 70% of which was intended to be consumed by people with only 30% being classified as “inedible parts” (3) .

Meaning it’s an issue that’s more in our control than we’d like to think.

So, what can we do about it? 

Even if the government does not pass laws regarding food waste, we can still all do our part in helping to curb its detrimental effects.

And in helping reduce our collective carbon footprint...

We’d have to make sure that we use as much of the produce we buy as possible and freeze whenever we can, to avoid unnecessary waste.

We can also try shopping for “imperfect” vegetables, something which supermarkets like Sainsburys have introduced within the UK (4)

However, could we do more when it comes to grocery shopping from suppliers who take food waste into account - given that 1.5 million tonnes (16%) of overall food wastage is directly from manufacturers? Yes, we can!

Launched by James Eid in March 2021, Earth & Wheat offers a subscription-based service for their ‘wonky bread’. With their goal of cutting food waste, they source bread from bakeries even before it reaches the shop floor.

Using his access to the established bakery, Eid’s mission is to reduce food waste at the production source before it even reaches the shop floor.

Earth & Wheat are now onboarding other bakeries to join the fight against food waste and have now launched pre-orders for their broken biscuit box.




We don’t just stop at food waste...

Earth & Wheat's primary mission is to reduce food waste, feed people in need and support bakers.

We go one step further in providing a meal to UK food charities across the nation for every individual subscription box purchased.

So, by ordering a subscription of Earth & Wheat you:

  1. Help reduce food waste (which would have ended up in the bin)
  2. Support bakeries across the nation that would have otherwise lost money through unnecessary waste.
  3. Help support food charities with a meal donated through each subscription
  4. Reduce your carbon footprint and help reduce the effects of climate change
  5. Get freshly baked bread delivered straight to your front door!

So, if you’re serious about food waste and take climate issues seriously then you NEED to switch your shopping habits and buy from retailers who are serious about making a change.

And what's better than signing up to a subscription box from Earth & Wheat given the benefits?

And remember, your subscription also goes towards providing a meal to a UK food charity.

NOW, You can  get your very own Wonky Bread or Broken Biscuit box right here: (Delivery from December 6th 2021)