Frequently Asked Questions

I have allergies, what allergens do the Earth & Wheat boxes contain?

Our boxes contain a mixed variety of wonky breads. All products within your box will contain wheat (gluten). Further to this, pancakes will contain wheat (gluten), egg and dairy (milk). Naan will contain wheat and dairy (milk).
We affix an ingredients label which contains allergen information to the packets of bread and full ingredients information with nutritional values can be found on
If you are allergic to these items referenced above, our products are not suitable for you.
All products are packaged in the same area; therefore, you must assume that there will be
traces of all these allergens stated, which can occur due to cross-contamination. At this
time, we do not offer customisation on what is inside your box.

What hygiene and food safety standards do the bakeries operate to?

We are glad you asked! Our bakeries are audited and have the highest accreditations for
food safety. They are BRC Grade A (or higher), AIB Higher Level and IFS Higher Level. Our
partners must pass all relevant audits concerning hygiene and food safety. Furthermore, we
audit suppliers within the supply chain to ensure that they are operating to the same high
standards we expect. This includes our ethical standards which we always maintain.

What might be inside my Earth & Wheat wonky bread box?

Our wonky bread boxes contain a random and mixed variety of the following:
Crumpets, Sourdough Crumpets, Tortillas, Wholemeal Tortillas, Butter-Flavoured Tortillas,
Pitta, Wholemeal Pitta, Foccacia, Scotch Pancakes and Buttermilk Pancakes.

From time to time, we may also include:
Naan (of different varieties), Folded-Flatbreads (of different varieties) and Mediterranean
Style Flatbreads (of different varieties).
In such an event, your box information leaflet and packaging label will be updated. Some of these items may contain allergens so you are encouraged to always read the ingredients information provided with your box.

Is my box customisable?

At this moment in time your Earth & Wheat boxes are not customisable.

How fresh is the bread?

Despite the fact our bread looks wonky, it is extremely fresh! We sort the wonky bread immediately after it leaves the oven. To keep the bread as fresh as possible we use a next day delivery service (delivering Tuesday-Saturday)* – and your bread may very well be fresher than the bread you find in the shops! In the event that there are delivery delays please contact us so we can look to resolve.

Is your bread organic / locally produced?

The majority of our breads are made using British Flour, and we are registered with Made In Britain [Click here to view MIB page]. Our produce is not marked as ‘organic’ because we rescue whatever produce our partner bakeries supply to us, that is, whatever the demand of the British public generally dictates.

How long will my bread last?

We are currently offering 5 days ‘Best Before’ (from bake day) for your wonky rescued breads. This means that you will have 4 days life once delivered to your doorstep. We would like to extend shelf life for you; however, this would mean using a non-recyclable plastic film which we are trying to avoid. Currently we are proud to be using a fully recyclable plastic packaging.
We highly recommend freezing your wonky bread when it arrives to lock in freshness and to reduce waste at your home. You should freeze your bread before the ‘Best Before’ and once you defrost, you should consume that bread within 24 hours. Do not keep your bread frozen for more than one month.
We advise that you do not eat your bread if you notice something doesn’t taste, smell or look right. If this is the case, please discard of the product and let us know by email.

Does the bread contain preservatives?

Some breads do, and some do not! We try to rescue whatever our partner suppliers are producing for the UK market… There can be a perception about preservatives which we need to overcome so that we can reduce bread waste. For example, addition of salt or baking powder, calcium propionate or vinegar can all assist with increasing shelf life – an increased shelf life means a longer time you will have to enjoy and eat your fresh bread before it goes off and ends up in the bin. In many respects, preservatives can be are our best friends in the fight against food waste!

Can I freeze my bread?

Absolutely! We can be quite generous with our wonky bread… we therefore encourage you to freeze your baked goodness on the day it arrives and then defrost and consume as you please. When you freeze immediately, it locks in the freshness and prevents it going stale or mouldy (and therefore prevents food waste)! Please remember that you should freeze your bread before the ‘Best Before’ date, and once you defrost your bread you should eat it within 24 hours! Do not keep bread frozen for more than one month.
Did you know in the UK 41% of household food waste (by weight) is because food ‘has not been used in time’… by freezing your wonky bread you can help fight and reduce this figure.

Does my bread need to be baked / reheated?

Your bread will be safe to eat without reheating or baking. We do recommend reheating some products to ensure that you have the best eating experience. If you choose to reheat your bread, best practice dictates that you add a splash of water and pop into the toaster, microwave, or oven (but keep an eye on it!) If reheating from frozen, please remember to consume within 24 hours after defrosting.

Where is it made?

Our bakeries are located in the UK. You can view our ‘Made In Britain’ page here [Click here].

My cardboard box seems too big for the rescued goods within, why is this?

We use redundant boxes which are no longer in use. We actively seek to reduce waste, and your cardboard box would have likely been wasted / sent to recycling because it was no longer needed. If you work in the food industry and have hygienic redundant boxes in quantity, we would be happy to take donations and use them for our deliveries!

What if I don’t like it? Can I send it back?

We hope that you will never be disappointed with your wonky bread box and that you will never need to raise a complaint, but if you do, please be assured that our customer services team will do their best to communicate with you and help resolve your issue.
Regarding returns, Earth & Wheat’s products contain fresh and perishable food. In the UK by law, anyone ordering such items are not entitled to the regular consumer rights, that is, you are not able to return goods (of perishable nature, food) within 14 days simply because you change your mind. This does not affect your right to cancel your bread-box subscription, and you can cancel your subscription at any time without a minimum contract.
Please note that it is very difficult to cancel your box at the last minute, this is because as soon as you place an order the bakeries start to pack your bread fresh. We strongly recommend you plan ahead and postpone, pause, skip or cancel your delivery 24-48 hours in advance of your next scheduled renewal date.
Please do get in touch with us if you are unhappy, and quote us your order number. You can contact us via email: or by visiting the dedicated voice-chat page detailed on your box’s information paper insert. We kindly request that you let us know directly of any grievances so that we can address your concerns.

I have a question about delivery… Where can I find more information on this?

We have an entire page dedicated to what you need to know about delivery. You can go to

What days do you deliver?

We now pack and rescue fresh bread Monday-Friday, meaning deliveries are Tuesday-Saturday.
If you are a new customer your box will be charged on the day you sign up, and then your box will be packed and shipped on the next working day, with a next day delivery service.
If you sign up on a Friday, you'll be charged on Friday and your bread will be packed fresh on Monday and should arrive on Tuesday.

What are you doing to ensure sustainability?

We are committed to ensuring sustainability. This comes in the form of environmental sustainability, social sustainability and economic sustainability.
Environmental Sustainability
Our wonky bread boxes rescue approximately 3240 litres of fresh-virtual water from going to waste, as well as approximately 3.05Kg of Carbon Dioxide which would have been generated throughout the supply chain from farming to production. This includes the CO2 and water which your donated meal contains - for every box we deliver to you, we deliver a meal to charity!
We are proud to have 99% recyclable and biodegradable packaging.
Social Sustainability
With so much food going to waste every day, from production to the middlemen and the final consumer, we have chosen to do something positive with the platform we have. Globally, just one quarter of the food we waste every year is enough to feed the approximately 800 million people on our earth who are living in food poverty.
To help do our part for social sustainability, we are proud to be donating at least one meal’s worth of bread, for every box you order, to UK food charities / food banks to combat food poverty in the UK.
Economic Sustainability
We have an ultimate aim of reducing food waste and food poverty, which consequentially helps our planet and society.
We pride ourselves on the ability to physically rescue wonky bread, package the breads, fulfill them into mixed parcels on a Tuesday and deliver your bread-box every Wednesday with next day delivery (to keep it fresh and to give you maximum shelf life)… We do this whilst maintaining the utmost care for food safety and hygiene procedures, providing customer support, maintaining sustainable growth and increasing food donations as we sell to more likeminded members of our community.
We have set our Earth & Wheat boxes at a price which we believe offers the most value to our customers and which simultaneously provides economic sustainability for Earth & Wheat as we cover the high costs involved in facilitating the fresh rescue boxes.

What can I recycle?

Everything in our box is recyclable, biodegradable, and in the case of the bread, edible.
Boxes: Made using recycled cardboard, fully and widely recycled with cardboard!
Bread bags: Fully recycled, take to front of store at your next supermarket shop!
Box Tape: Made using paper, reinforced with fiberglass, fully recycled with paper!
Paper Information Insert: Fully recycled, recycle it with your paper as usual!

What about plastic?

We are proud to have introduced a fully recyclable plastic packaging. All breads which are distributed in a way which could expose the product to contamination require packaging that is fit for purpose. We must also consider ways to keep your bread ‘safe’ and ‘fresh’ for longest. There is a misunderstanding about some plastics. Provided you recycle your bread bags the environmental impact is extremely low when considering the eye-watering food waste and the devestating environmental consequences of such food waste. The food waste which plastic bags help prevent arguably far outweighs the negative environmental and social impacts of food waste. Just make sure you please recycle your bags so that the plastic is reused rather than ending up in our oceans!

Have you considered paper bags?

We have considered using paper bags. Due to the nature of delivery and transportation, it has been determined that there is risk of paper packaging breakage and more importantly, contamination risk in transit (be it through small insects, pests or water damage).
Our primary aim is to reduce food waste in a sustainable and ‘food-safe’ way, which involves a risk assessment to keep our product clean, and customers away from danger.
To ensure that we reduce food waste we must also consider the shelf life of the bread. There is no point rescuing bread if it goes stale before it arrives! Plastic provides a water barrier to help lock in moisture and helps to reduce food waste significantly (which is one of the most pressing concerns regarding of our battle against climate change). These bags do so by locking in moisture, keeping your bread clean and away from contamination, keeping it fresh and safe to eat for longer. Just make sure you recycle your plastic bags so that they can be reused and so they don't end up in our precious oceans.
It is our duty to continue to monitor, innovate, develop, and adopt the most sustainable and appropriate packaging as it becomes available. We are extremely proud to have a totally recyclable, biodegradable, and edible wonky bread box.