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I have a question about delivery… Where can I find more information on this?

We have an entire page dedicated to what you need to know about delivery. Please click here to view it: [Click Here] PAGE COPY TO BE WRITTEN

Bread Box Questions

I have allergies, what allergens do the Earth & Wheat boxes contain?

Our boxes contain a mixed variety of wonky breads. All products within your box will contain wheat (gluten). Further to this, pancakes will contain wheat (gluten), egg and dairy (milk).

We legally have to declare these allergens on our information leaflet (found inside your box) and we affix an ingredients label which contains allergen information to the box itself in addition. If you are allergic to these items referenced above, our products are not suitable for you. All products are packaged in the same area; therefore, you must assume that there will be traces of all these allergens stated, which can occur due to cross-contamination. At this time, we do not offer customisation on what is inside your box. Q. What hygiene and food safety standards do the bakeries operate to? A. We are glad you asked! Our bakeries are audited and have the highest accr

Q. What hygiene and food safety standards do the bakeries operate to?

We are glad you asked! Our bakeries are audited and have the highest accreditations for food safety. They are BRC Grade A (or higher), AIB Higher Level and IFS Higher Level. Our partners must pass all relevant audits concerning hygiene and food safety. Furthermore, we audit suppliers within the supply chain to ensure that they are operating to the same high standards we expect.

What might be inside my Earth & Wheat wonky bread box?

Our wonky bread boxes contain a random and mixed variety of the following: Crumpets, Sourdough Crumpets, Tortillas, Wholemeal Tortillas, Butter-Flavoured Tortillas, Pitta, Wholemeal Pitta, Foccacia, Scotch Pancakes and Buttermilk Pancakes. From time to time, we may also include: Naan (of different varieties), Folded-Flatbreads (of different varieties) and Mediterranean Style Flatbreads (of different varieties). In such an event, your box information leaflet and packaging label will be updated. Some of these items may contain allergens so you are encouraged to always read the ingredients information provided with your box.

Is my box customisable?

At this moment in time your Earth & Wheat boxes are not customisable.

How fresh is the bread?

Despite the fact our bread looks wonky, it is extremely fresh! We sort the wonky bread immediately after it leaves the oven – we rescue the bread that would have been thrown away due to its appearance, and indeed bread that has been overproduced. To keep the bread as fresh as possible we use a next day delivery service (delivering weekly every Wednesday) – your bread may very well be fresher than the bread you find in the shops!

Is your bread organic / locally produced?

he majority of our breads are made using British Flour, and we are registered with Made In Britain [Click here to view certificate]. Our produce is not marked as ‘organic’ because we rescue whatever produce our partner bakeries supply to us, that is, whatever the demand of the British public generally dictates.

How long will my bread last?

We are currently offering 5 days ‘Best Before’ (from bake day) for your wonky rescued breads. This means that you will have 4 days life once delivered to your doorstep. We would like to extend shelf life for you; however, this would mean using a non-recyclable plastic film which we are trying to avoid. Currently we are proud to be using a fully recyclable plastic packaging, and you can learn more here [learn more].


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